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It is Friday evening and I am too tired to think, so I play with pictures. I just read what Jorgen told about his feelings and it was in Daily, too: Feelings go up and down. It is analogical to life in blogoshere. Here is a picture of visitors in this blog ( thanks to Google Analytics).
helistudlukuYou can see the influence of Daily: when this blog was mentioned there, visitors came to see this. After second mention begun Edublogs maintenance problem and lasted one week, there is a day with zero visitor. I could not log in myself or even see the blog. Motivation disappeared. Now all is working again and here are some visitors in a day.

Post named “I need blog friends” has got most readers, 138 if I remember right. Anyway 166 visitors is a big number – never happened in my blog written in Finnish. Showing numbers are 361 and 722 (two pages/visit).

How about the map? We have discussed that there is nobody from Africa: but I have had one visitor from South Africa. After Finland, my country, comes USA 57, Canada 23, Italy 19, Australia 19, UK 18 and then less, Ireland 9 and so on. Number of different countries is 29. Here comes the map:

helistumapAnd so what? I don’t know, I am just playing. Jorgen is near, he lives in Denmark (I hope that I remember rightly).

France is quite empty, and Sweden. But Australia is green. Do we have more students from USA than from Canada?  or why is the number of visitors higher from USA – you are travelling around?  Perhaps I feel lonelyness and that’s why I have to put myself = my blog on the map. So I can be sure that I still exist.

Do you follow your blogs with Google Analytics? Does it make sense?

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  1. Hai Heli. I mentioned this post of you in my reaction in Moodle on my own blog, Being there and suddenly lonely. I think the same feelings are playing a role in our stories like in the weblog from Jorgen. You still exists and so do I! I don’t even know if my blogs are being followed with google analytics, will have a look and seek out how to do so. The sense till now: it’s good for me to write about……, that’s all I think.

  2. I do follow my blog in Analytics. However, when I began my online teaching blog, I put its URL into Analytics, and the stats there were vastly different from the ones my WP code were collecting internally. Google’s were lower and, I suspected, more accurate. After over a year of writing extensively on two blogs, my Google stats showed maybe 1-2 people per day on the online teaching blog (with a very gradual increase over a long time), and a few every few days on my history blog.

    Then I began the blog for this class. At first it was on Edublogs, and I used Google Analytics. Looked ok, maybe 30-40 people a day, more when I was mentioned in The Daily. Then I moved it to WordPress.com, which has built in analytics. The numbers for awhile were very high (like 140 in one day), and now have dropped to maybe 40 a day. I have other signs that people are “dropping out” of the class, but maybe also they don’t care about reading my work.

    So then I remember why I began my other blog in the first place, and the advice I got from others. My blog is for me, it’s a place where I write. If others read it, that’s fine, but it isn’t what’s important.

    I do joke about “I blog, therefore I am”. Let’s keep it a joke.

  3. We learn many things in this course, not only concepts. I am learning about these global – was it widgets or methods or? I can see that for instance ailsa’s blog (first in my blogroll) is followed all the time. Visitors location map is there and Live traffic feed. my blog and Finnish flag is there when I visit.
    Because I am Finnish and very few people in global world speak Finnish, so we have to learn many languages. Would it be better to write only in English..it is not easy to get comments in Finland in Finnish. I have to think things like that…

  4. Hi Heli,
    I study my analytics too, and it is very much like yours. The lesson of mine is, that you have to give, to be given. And if you give with a purpose you will fail.
    /Jorgen C

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