Assessment can support learning and development

I continue my studies on Evaluation in PLENK2010. I liked the JISC pages about assessment. Every educational institution should present their assessment principles in this way. I could recognize  many perceptions I did while working as an online teacher. Assessment can be used to support learning rather than just test and certify achievement – and testing & certifying can support learning, too.

Technology, every learning platform,  provide ways of enabling students to monitor their own work. The technology can be designed for this purpose. I always used simple questionnaires about basic knowledge and then gave openly the results so my students could reflect and evaluate them from their point of view. Voting systems, online discussion forums, wikis and blogs allow practitioners to monitor levels of understanding.

When students are independent lifelong learners, they can become better at judging their own work.

If you really want to improve learning, get students to give one another feedback. Giving feedback is cognitively more demanding than receiving feedback. That way, you can accelerate learning.

I agree with that and always used peer-assessment. Students did not like it but afterward were content – organizing feedback is one of facilitator’s job. I suppose that better ways to assess and give feedback to each other are factors that make online teaching better than f2f.

This analysis of many researches convinced me: Evaluation of Evidence Based Practices in Online Learning – A Meta Analysis and Review of Online Learning Studies. I had seen that happen in my online courses. Soon I begin to miss those time 🙂 Last autumn I was working as a teacher educator and now totally free. Just now I am interested in assessing (my) open studies.

I haven’t yet listened to Wednesday recording (Helene Fournier) but I will do it. There are some discussion in our Moodle, should I read, I am not sure. JISC pages promised better dialogue and communication – is it there?

2 thoughts on “Assessment can support learning and development

  1. Hyvä Heli,
    thanks for your post. I would have liked to give you feedback via a podcast, but the only system I am used to, is so complicated.
    The JISC potcast was the best item of the week, for me at least, but I enjoyed your former post “Test your blog please” too. I love your guts, expressing an other opinion.
    My experience shows, that adult students need voice recording. They concentrate more on their task than in writing.
    In future I will use the recording systems I came along during the PLENK2010 course.
    Keep up the good work, you are doing

  2. Thanks for the comment, Eva!

    We have to ponder all the time those tools: some prefer writing, some podcast. Many people are still afraid of writing in public, they don’t feel it comfortable. The development is slow.

    I can only tell my opinion and if it interests others, I will continue.. Thanks for support
    PS You have a blog auf deutsch, Ich habe in der Schule Deutch gelernt 😉 studiert? Drei Jahre und fiele Buche gelest – oh how difficult! Tried anyway

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