Blog story – practicing Prezi #edcmooc

I have never used Prezi and wanted to practice it. It was not easy at all, but I did this story of this blog.

There was an active period at the beginning of the course edcmooc. I wrote a blog post gathering interesting blogs and a new network began to live. Digital viking -concept inspired me greatly and – again – I found new friends. I was happy about my post emergent learning and the comments I received. Other blog posts are more ordinary stories, I was not so enthusiastic myself .

The visits come all over the world, USA and UK come after my own country Finland. The list of cities is interesting. Australian people are active in two cities. The sources, ways to find my blog, are Twitter, Facebook and the course news etc.

This prezi is funny but I have to leave this and begin to plan my final assignment, a digital artefact. I think I’ll not use Prezi 🙂 I copied the code for embedding but it was only a link address. I am not sure if here is any sense in my doings.

another try to embed the story



4 thoughts on “Blog story – practicing Prezi #edcmooc

  1. After publishing this blog post and writing a tweet >
    727 visits and 1486 pageviews.
    Somebody has read the post… so what?
    Show must go on

  2. Hi, include Hugo, Oklahoma, USA in your list of visitors! 🙂 I just tried Prezi for the first time, too. I was impressed with it. Good luck with your artefact!

  3. Heli, I like your Prezi presentation; the statistics are impressive.
    I invite you to visit my final assignment

  4. Today 737 visits to this blog.
    Thanks for comments. I have to concentrate to make my final first and send it – this is the very last day to do it. I want to be with others in this learning process.
    But I am waiting the time to read others’ final and you are first on the list, Ligia.
    See you!

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