CCK09 – my view of the process of learning

I published my final project a year ago (see December 2008) and answered the questions. Now I am going to ponder my view of learning, what am I thinking just now and if I can see any new influences during this autumn?

The most influential source to me was the visitor vs resident -description and the Elluminate with David White from Oxford. I have waited for serious research to understand what’s happening. It was useful to recognize my perspective which guides my learning. Many brilliant learners are very selective in their net use, it was good to hear. Connectivism describes mostly positive sides but participating is connected with negative factors, too.

Skill are nondigital, I have written down from David White, skills are applied in a digital space. This is a key to understand my project ponderings a year ago. I have developed my concepts about learning many decades and I can say that “I know everything about learning”. I contextualise new knowledge with many old theories: learning by doing, experiental learning, activity theory and so on. When I do this I have to think that connectivism deals only with some parts of learning and tells us what is already known in psychology.

Learning is not only fast running forwards (experimentation, doing, action) it is thinking, conceptualizing and theory buildind and takes time. It was Francis Heylighen from Freie Universitet Brussels who helped me in this, I found serious research what to follow. It was the week about chaos and complex, I hadn’t find the source without CCK09.

Do we need a new theory about learning in a digital age? I am not sure anymore, but we need knowledge about learning in all ages and contexts. New phenomena must be experienced, not only read from a book (for instance how to use twitter) – but experience itself is not enough. It must be analysed.

I am glad about the research CCK08 course participants have produced, I appreciate Jenny, John and Roy and others. It was fine to have an Elluminate session about new research ideas, thanks to Frances. I enjoy my first clumsy voicethread and Roy’s comment. Thanks to Gus who guided to try voicethread. I have promised to continue my way by writing a narrative story about living in networks. I know that human attributes must be there: trust, respect, empowerment. It cannot be only objective information change between blind unknown people.. it is about motivation and culture as David White said. Human values must be included, connections are nothing without them?

To CCK09 course and facilitators I want to say with song words:

you raise me up so I can stand on mountains
you raise me up to more I can be

We had in Finnish Talent competition our own “Susan Boyle”, a man who sang this to our hearts.

5 thoughts on “CCK09 – my view of the process of learning

  1. Heli,
    Great to learn about your reflection. I share you sentiments about learning in networks: “trust, respect, empowerment. It cannot be only objective information change between blind unknown people.. it is about motivation and culture as David White said. Human values must be included, connections are nothing without them?” Those are the values that I aspire too.
    May I share this?
    “Socrates believed the best way for people to live was to focus on self-development rather than the pursuit of material wealth. He always invited others to try to concentrate more on friendships and a sense of true community, for Socrates felt this was the best way for people to grow together as a populace” To me, “knowing” more will be more meaningful if such self-development could lead to friendship and community development, as we are all learners supporting each others, IMHO.
    So, wishing you to have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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  3. Thanks for your comment, John!

    I wonder how you can be so active that you participate in all discussions and even my blog. Thanks for your support, it matters really.
    Yes, self-development must be there: in the focus of our learning theories. Socrates knew how to use questions, we have much to learn from him. Everything isn’t new and rapidly changing.

  4. Heli,
    Thanks for your kind words. I realise that you have been working hard too. It has been a challenge for me too to participate and learn in CCK09, due to my heavy loading this time of the year. The end of CCK09 is merely another chapter of my learning. I resonate that “everything isn’t new and rapidly changing”. We have experienced them….I am trying different mountains,and looking for more adventures.

    How about you?

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