Elluminate 25.11.09

I enjoyed greatly to participate in CCK-Ellumination about our own research ideas. Here comes my slide – Leila was so kind and told about this in twitter already and I noticed that I have to put it here :).


I also found blogs of other participants and added to my blogrol CCK08-09 if they weren’t already there.

5 thoughts on “Elluminate 25.11.09

  1. I loved this presentation very much, Eli, and I find “looking for my own voice” an exciting, challenging, sometimes scary goal.

  2. Thanks Leila,
    I liked your presentation and the example of the poor teacher who became fired for using blogs.
    I agree with you that finding one’s voice is not easy sometimes it’s scary.

    Perhaps we – I mean women – can plan short presentations when needed – men have to show what they know and they need many slides 🙂

  3. Hi Heli, apologies I have not yet visited the voicethread to leave a comment – I love your beautiful picture and your comment about women above just made me giggle 😉
    I’m still not very tolerant of uncertainty – I am somewhere in between preferring to know nothing at all and whether thinking I know a little is actually of benefit or more confusing 😉
    Take care and have a wonderful winter and 2010

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