Found the place in Second Life

So happy to find something after difficulties. This was my first time in the Second Life with my new computer (since July 10th) and I have to install new something and the buttons had all changed and I felt quite lost. But here you can see PLENK2010 bookshelf in SL and me as an avatar:

plenk2010I met only a Finnish guy in eduFinland – he was working in NopolaNews and showed me www-pages from his pocket: videos and what ever, new flash…

Second Life Chilbo & Madhupak were quite empty and no wonder, USA and Canada were sleeping or awaking. The house is Connectivism Reading Room.

So you PLENK2010 people have met three times simultaneously with Elluminate (how is it possible?) or after it? See you … took the landmark into my inventory.

Tired and happy … done something challenging!

2 thoughts on “Found the place in Second Life

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  2. Hi Heli,
    Glad you found the Connectivism Reading Room. I just started putting together the #PLENK2010 archive in SL. The icons on the book shelves are links to the Elluminate recordings. We tried to view the Elluminate sessions from within SL but it didn’t work very well with the applications we tried.
    What we have been doing is meeting directly after the Elluminate sessions for a discussion of the topic of the day. We generally have 4-10 avatars participating. New people are very welcome and most people in the group are willing to coaching basic SL skills.

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