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Actually I have been blogging three years, began in September 2008 – but I have gathered all information using four years 2008-2011, so I speak about four years . I wrote  a blog story in Finnish for a project Open Networking and that is why I studied Google Analytics information which I normally only glimpse sometimes. I learned something and want to share it here in order to understand the meaning of all this information.

First a diagram of blog life with basic information: posts, visitors, visits and views. Total number of comments is 360, via Edublogs.

A great jump in quantities happened in the year 2010. I participated in two open courses: Critical Literacies in summer and PLENK in autumn. I wrote many posts in this year, it correlates with visits, but does not explain the jump.PLENK was a massive course and I participated in a more active manner during it, it must be one explain – other participants noticed me.

During the first two years were CCK08 and CCK09 autumn courses and some posts in spring time. My interest in research about open courses arouse and it continues all the time. I was astonished about the number of visits -that it was so low at those times. I felt that I became international but did I? Some people remember me from CCK08 – there is continuity in course participants. It takes time to become known..

Google Analytics gives information about the countries from which the visits come. There is a jump in 2010 but also in 2011. The number should be 108, it is lower in the image. I do not know why the number is going up all the time. Diligent bots or something else?

USA means here one country, California inside it at the top, but over 30 states have been following this blog sometimes.

I have learned a lot of geography while looking at the map, there were countries I did not know at all. I was wondering where Bahrain is – then it jumped to news and I found the island.

Then I show the map of visits during this year, 2011, because I am wondering why there are so many countries. The number of my friends is the same and I am not blogging diligently, but my blog seems to have a life of it’s own. I do not understand it.

map overly

I have written only few posts and not regularly – but the blog continues its life. There is a change in the traffic sources. Search engines have become the most common source (70%), direct (16%) and the referring sites (14%) bring less people.  It is easy to understand that being a member of community during an online course, the traffic source is ‘referring sites’ – it brought 52% of all visits during these four years.

Still one diagram about the countries from which visitors come to this blog. Finland is the first but it is because I live here and visit often. I have left it away, very few people in Finland follow this blog. I have another in Finnish 🙂 USA has often been the second country during these years, and UK, Canada and Australia have been in top ten. Others have changed. Here comes some information about countries combined to years.

This diagram is in Finnish but you can guess the names of countries. I can help that  Saksa = Germany. Year = vuosi, so it begins with v.  You can see that first years follow my participation in the open courses. The jump happens in the year 2010 in all the countries. This year, 2011, is different. USA and Philippines rises up, but other countries go down. There are only few Canadian visitors now – or they are traveling around the world and visit from other countries.

Google Analytics tells me the most popular posts, too. I was astonished that first comes “Learning theories in teacher education” written in October 2010 and opened 910 times. There was no discussion around it when published but it has been on the top afterwards. This is interesting. Search engineers find it and possibly it is used in many countries, especially Philippines I suppose. Writing a blog means blind helping, openness in all means. You don’t get feedback always.

The following post in the list is “Social self organisation” and it has 326 visits. Then comes “Understanding networking” with 283 visits. Both were written at the end of February this year – I tried to define my perspective to living in the web. I am happy that these posts have got readers. The following post in the list is “Learning theories and technology” from Oct 2010, 269 visits. Then comes my “about” page – people want to check who is writing the blog, easy to understand this, I often do so myself. I mention one popular post still: it is “Learning Analytics 1st conference” from Feb 2011 – there was much blogging around this open conference and so people visited my blog too.

What have I learnt? Don’t know yet, have to link to my earlier analyses and write a new post. This post gathers some quantitative information, thanks to Google Analytics and the project in Finland which got me to check all this info. Feel tired now. Hope that someone gets some ideas about this all..

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