From local to global participation

Facebook gives a social graph of all my connections. The visualized network inspired me to think about my web life, FB is only a part of it. Blogs and tweets are as important as FB. I leave my private life outside and present here only my “work life” relations. Actually I am retired from working life but I don’t know a better heading for this graph. My professional networks perhaps –  meaning development projects and discussions.


I have moved towards the global level during last years. Locally I still have friends in FB who are working (or have worked earlier) in Teacher Education, my last workplace. No one of these friends writes a blog and only few use Twitter – one is writing every day, others very seldom. So I have to meet these people f2f and drink coffee with them 🙂

In Finland I know many active developers and follow ten blogs actively and about 40 via rss when the blog headings seem interesting. Tweets are important also, I get useful information via tweets. It was interesting to notice that all my Finnish FB contacts are connected to each other, less or more. When I looked the graph first time, some were separated.

The global level is broadening and changing all the time. Blogs and tweets connect about hundred people and I already have problems in following. I don’t know well many of them, perhaps ten, but it is easy to find new interesting blogs and tweeters.

I was inspired about the talk of David White, tools become places in web, it is very true. Earlier David gave a presentation about residents and visitors – it opened my eyes and helped my self reflection. I live my professional life in web in both ways, as a resident and as a visitor, seeking new possibilities all the time. I began my international participation in CCK08 and have got most of my web friends in following open courses. I am not working in online teaching practice any more and turn my interest to basic questions in web communities. The world is open and I have free time – this is a great situation!

One thought on “From local to global participation

  1. Hi Heli,
    Great to learn about your local to global participation. I have “retreated” to blogging, FB and twitter, but most have been based on a global participation. So, have to wait for retirement to get back into “world” as I haven’t got much free time yet. Every day is busy…. But it’s also nice to spend some time chatting with my best friends, like you, Nicola, Steve, and Jenny. May be I am retiring 🙂 from the networks soon.

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