Graduation and meeting in Second Life

This is a moment of procrastination in my participation in edcmooc. I should plan my digital artefact – all other participants have already done theirs, but I have not even begun mine. So I have to do something else, it’s logical. The impulse to this blog post was Andy Mitchell’s tweet about Edinburgh University’s graduation in the Second Life (SL). Our facilitators, or some of them were going to that graduation yesterday. Here is the link to the YouTube video named School of Education virtual graduation in SL.

SL is similar to  authentic life experiences. Choosing and building an avatar is a touching and important moment. Your personality transfers to your avatar and everything that happens to her, happens to you. I had a long break in my visits to SL, but in honour of this transhumanism week I decided to check if my avatar is still alive and working. So I found myself in eduFinland and flew around there. Then I went to the discussion forums (general discussions> meeting in SL) to write down the landmarks of the Edinburgh University (SL search gave too many possibilities). I transported myself to the given place and began to fly in order to see better. And I saw an avatar walking in a street. I had to stop flying and descend on the ground.

SLedinburghThe avatar was a handsome young man and because I have a ring which shows me the names of avatars in the neighbourhood, I saw that his name was Esko Levee. It was easy to remember that his real name is Esko Lius and he is a participant of edcmooc. I am not sure if we have met f2f in Finland but we knew each other virtually from many Finnish forums.

It felt like a real meeting on the street in Edinburgh University’s SL. When I watched the video of the graduation, I recognised this place there. I have been there! We had a chat discussion in Finnish , my mike is broken and it’s often  better to write in SL, because voice can disturb other avatars. It was night or late evening as you can see.

My appearance in SL comes from the autumn 2007. The avatar is a Japanese young girl and I have not changed it much. I added green hair and I like it. Some T-shirts I’ve got while visiting in different places. I am lazy when it comes to taking care of my appearance and I have forgotten how to do it in the SL. I should do something to my careless appearance but I am not sure if I want to use my time on clothes or hairdressing. I don’t mind such things in real life nor in augmented realities. But there is something in the SL which I love or the little child inside me loves. I love flying and transporting from place to another. This was a nice meeting and the graduation is worth seeing.

5 thoughts on “Graduation and meeting in Second Life

  1. Hi Heli
    It was very nice to run into you iSL the other day. As I said, I recorded a video clip in case I’d base my digital artefact on machinima. But after that I’ve done literally nothing for it, so not “all other participant have done theirs” 🙂

    I haven’t got a clue about the theme of my digital artefact, and unfortunately I haven’t got any time for it this weekend either. All brain capacity is needed to complete some other stuff for Monday.

    This was not a rant but to conform you. There’s plenty of time left, so no worries!

  2. Hi Esko,
    thanks for your comment. November is busy time I remember. It is still four days to Wednesday midnight.. No worries as you said. I hope you’ll have some free time on the following days.

  3. Heading to Online Educa Berlin early on Wednesday morning, so the artifact must be done on Monday and Tuesday nights 🙂

    [as a cyclist I love the anti-spam words I got this time: giro quiz]

  4. Oh, have a nice journey to Online Educa! I have to follow the sites if there are broadcastings. Thanks for reminding

    Two nights is enough to you I think

  5. Nice to see the sl graduation. Shame I missed it. I managed to sneak in a picture of me dancing in sl in my digital artifact ( its far too long ….sigh) but I needed to be “worthy” of the domain name. In sl I am Dude Starship. Look me up sometime. Hi Esko!

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