Human interaction changes or ? #edcmooc week1

We are looking backwards and questioning whether technology helps us or takes the power over us. During the edcmooc course we will explore how digital cultures and learning cultures connect, and what does this mean for e-learning theory and practice. I want to deepen my understanding of what it means to teach and learn in the digital age. The course is about how digital cultures intersect with learning cultures online, and how our ideas about online education are shaped through “narratives”, or big stories, about the relationship between people and technology.

I am interested in human interaction, how does it change with the new technology. I have enjoyed working as an online teacher and I am convinced that human interaction is as important online than in real world. Both interactions can be connected so that there are no limits any more. If interaction between two people begins in the web and then breaks, it is a problem. What happens after a break, it is interesting. How to move to speaking and hugging? We have a film about this situation, I’ll put it in this post. In Finland many marriages begin through online connections and I think it is better than to begin in a restaurant & drinking.


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