Human interaction changes? week 2 #edcmooc

This week’s theme is looking to the future and I’ll stay in my interest topic ‘How is human interaction changing when we have new technological devices?’ There is a video Sight, skillfully made but the content? Disgusting I think.

Sight explores how the ubiquity of data and the increasingly blurry line between the digital and the material might play out in the sphere of human relationships. The focus on the emerging social and educational use of game-based ‘badging’ is particularly interesting. What is going on here, and how do you interpret the ending?

Human relationship as a game? The first date as a part of this human hunting game? Those thoughts which the participants got via Sight must be very near normal (!) natural intuition in decision making. These assessments suddenly happen in the mind but we do not want to see it written. It must be the secret. It is very scary to know human mind totally. Experience more or feel more – perhaps wanted but NOT in this way. I want to maintain the natural unclear way to learn to know each other. To look at the profile is OK but not to look at the mind. I am happy that it is not possible and will not be in the future.

Here comes the video, enjoy! I interpret that the woman doesn’t want to play with the guy’s dating apps any more and leaves away.


Sight from Sight Systems on Vimeo.

2 thoughts on “Human interaction changes? week 2 #edcmooc

  1. OH yes, Fran, this post is poetic and sentimental.
    It is one side of my personality.
    Because I am human, I can use both emotions and cognitions, I can feel and I can analyze.
    The most important questions of humanity cannot be reached through cold cognitive analyses they need emotions as a background. (If someone can follow this, I say cheers)

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