My best experiences in eduMooc

I lurked the open online course eduMooc and participated very little, because this summer was hot in Finland and I was not in town near my computer all the time, and I’ve a grandson who is more important to me. But anyways, I want to say something.

I liked the sites, they were very clear and I could easily see the many possibilities for discussions and co-operation. It was my choice not to participate, it was not the sites’ fault. I followed some Thursday meetings, weeks 1-3 and the last one. There were many new and interesting experts to listen but a little hard to follow outside the Ellumination, only Twitter for our participation. So it was easy to become a lurker. Sometimes the voice was weak and American people speak quickly – but I tried to follow anyway. I liked to meet many experts not only one or two gurus. Roy Schroeder appreciated others.

The best part to me was clearly the sites organized by Jeff Lebow and the MooCasts especially. It was the opportunity to me to see how open online experts created hangout atmosphere which was warm, supportive, open to everyone and pondering. I really enjoyed the Google+ Hangouts 13. 27. in July 3. and 10. in August. Jeff Lebow was very skillful and co-operative in meeting many problems in a new environment: I could see the learning happen when participants sought the right buttons (eye-movements in front of cameras). Humor helped and smiles, laughing, the atmosphere was warm. I felt to be part of the community: Rob Darrow, John Graves, Vance Stevens, Lisa Lane, Maria Drujkova, Rebecca Hogue, Alison Snieckus, Chahira Nouira, Osvaldo Rodriguesz – you were all my teachers and facilitators in my way to global participation skills. I could learn from your experiences by comparing those to mine, and I got a lot of new information. I prefer asynchronous participation (want to be free and am lacking flexible language skills) but I could follow the recordings well. You dealt with almost all problems in open online courses that I have been pondering in this blog of mine. Thanks a lot!

It is people who are meeting in these courses, and the atmosphere is important. It reflects the values: to appreciate each other, to be open and really interested what others have to say. It is possible to become acquainted in some minutes even if a newcomer did not now edumooc at all. Also many problems in Wikipedia and other web happenings were dealt but very politely and friendly, in adult-like manner. I enjoyed to see the new learning skills, digital literacies in action. So thanks to all working fo eduMooc and see you later. I have become a moocer my self :)This blog is a part of my moocing.

COOL would be a better concept than MOOC, was it Collaborative Open Online Learning? So I am a cooler 😉


4 thoughts on “My best experiences in eduMooc

  1. Hi Heli I wonder is that a new grandson?
    And that sounds exciting I have not been following the recent EduMoocs at all (I saw Stephen’s recent post on ideas for renaming MOOC’s tho) and I’m excited to hear your enthusiasm and admiration. I’d love to get back into writing myself, MOOC/COOL really motivate me and challenge me to raise my game, still I dont wish to spread myself further at this time. I’m teaching cooking in a kitchen garden program, the days are full and physical!

    I send you love, Ruth

  2. Hi Ruth,
    I remember you, glad to get a comment from you.
    My grandson is now 1 year and 8 months and it is so exciting age. He understands everything and learns to speak words, concepts .. it is learning by doing, a wonderful program to develop new actions every day.

    There is life outside MOOCs, I agree, but sometimes we will meet. Nice to hear from your work. Let’s keep in touch. Love lives around the globe.. receive mine!

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