My blog's life during edcmooc2

I have a tradition to explore my blog’s life every now and then. Google Analytics makes the exploration easy and tempts to use its devices. I have an ambivalent attitude to this all, because I haven’t set any goals to my blog and I am not after big numbers. A blog needs visitors, it is sure, but the numbers of visits are only raw data. It is not easy to interpret what is happening. I’ll try anyway and give the basic data here:

edc2viewcroMy nine posts are marked in the timeline and you can see the influence of my writings. The biggest number of pageviews is before the course began, 120 views per day.

I blogged 3.9. about my footprints during the first edcmooc and this post was visible in the course news. Perhaps I got readers via the news. No comments but many views – it is digital life. My post from 3rd September got 149 visits and it is twice the numbers of the next posts: The pedagogical principles of MOOCs (79 and 3 for its comments) and My orientation to edcmooc (69+30 to comments). It is easy to see a connection between the facilitators’ actions and the visits to my blog: Pedagogical principles – post was commented on the team blog and Hamish commented to My orientation- post. The following post is human presence in edcmooc (47) and the last is critical peer feedback (12).

I wrote nine posts this time and the posts received 22 comments from six people. In edcmooc1 I wrote more posts (15) and got more comments (32). This time I had a feeling that I participated outside the course and I had a different orientation to my studies. One of the peer reviewers said this precisely in his/her feedback. I was more interested in learning and less in digital cultures. You cannot participate a course twice with similar motives and interests, they change all the time.

I have gathered the information from Google Analytics to a prezi, which I intend to embed in the end of this post. Here I’ll try to handle only the most important numbers. This blog had 579 visitors, 967 visits and 1917 pageviews from 4.11. to 10.12. These numbers are higher than during the first edcmooc in February (721 visits, 1460 pageviews), but I cannot interpret why. This blog includes one post from the year 2010 about learning theories of teacher education, which receives continuous attention : no comments but readers. Is it the good reputation of Finland’s education or what is it? I don’t know. That post was the most popular one during edc2 as well: it got 288 visits. It is more than the footprints (149) or the actual course posts (80- 15). During the first edc the number was 188. The influence of edcmoocs to my blog is perhaps less than I  imagined.

The percent of new visitors during the period was 58, which means 336 new people and 243 ‘old’ones. The ways which the visitors used to find my blog tell something. From 967 visits 231 came directly, Google organic 229 , Twitter 177 and edcmooc sites 116. Google Analytics shows some connection between the acquisition and behavior.


Those who come directly have a higher bounce rate than via organic search or social devices and the referral way is highest in staying. How to interpret, I don’t know. Some people take a glimpse at my blog. Perhaps they remember my name when/if they meet it next time, recognising names is one of the skills on the internet.

Over 200 people had visited my blog more than 20 times and 190 people had read my posts longer than a minute. Perhaps I’ve about 200 permanent visitors. So what? If I had followed the visitors’ interests, I would have written more about learning theories in Finnish teacher education for adults. I am retired now and my interest lies in international open courses and learning at these courses or learning in the internet. It has been my perspective a long time and I want to deepen it to research. That’s why I am so interested in the Footprints wiki and want to assess it in the near future.

Here comes the prezi which includes a lot of information about visits to this blog. Thanks to Google Analytics for the content. I chose a labyrinth template because I got lost there and my ambivalent attitude tells me that this is all boring.