My favourite blogs #edcmooc wk 1

It is a challenging process to start a new Mooc even if I am quite free to just learn whatever I want. I began from the FB group and then visited regularly the course sites: checked the materials for this week and the discussion forums. I gave the address of this blog in Made by you-forum and answered to Vanessa about being a serial Moocer. Then I had to stop the emails from these forums because I could not – did not want to follow the threads via email. I never want to receive many notices, it is my style. I want to choose myself and go to the forums only when I want to take the time for it.

This blog post is my first collection of interesting blogs in Elearning and Digital Cultures # dcmooc. I have picked the addresses her and there, seen something interesting in them. I try to tell shortly why, I hope that you can follow my English (I have a hunch that it is funny sometimes). The first individual which I noticed was

Chris Swift, who was active in FB group. His blog is named Mybackyard and I admire how  it is made, the globe and me, ah!

Ryan Tracey greeted me in Twitter and his blog is Elearning Povocateur. , provoking deeper thinking seems wonderful.  We have perhaps met earlier somewhere?

Now I understood that it is better to use the alphabetical order that you can follow the list. So

Brittany Chan her blog heading is  MOOC Nooc

Catherine Cronin has a blog with her name. and she takes part in many moocs. I want to follow her posts about empowerment and digital identities.

Helen Crump her blog is Learningcreep and she follows other moocs too

Michael Gallagher has a blog with two forenames and he has made artefacts already, wonderful map traveling etc.

Heikki Hallantie lives in Finland as I do and I was happy to find his blog edcmoocheikki He has been an activist in social media issues already many years and he has age, perhaps near mine. Grey revolution is going on…

David Hopkins has been active here and there, the blog is TechnologyEnhanced LearningBlog or Dontwasteyourtime.

Sheila MacNeill work blog and the guestion Moocs as utopian or dystopians. Thank Eleni for dinding this.

Frances Monaghan (Fran) participated everywhere in the forums and then I read from her blog post that she missed more action – at the same time when other were overwhelmed. I suppose she is quicker that many of us and I want to follow her blog elearningmoocedinbourgh in order to learn from her way of web life. First I was near to leave her blog out because she didn’t tell her name in the blog, only Infotechnical.

Sara Roe (?) has a nice blog name Doing by Learning (and vice versa).

Sarah Siegel‘s blog name is SarahSiegelStories. Sarah is my first new friend in FB during edcmooc.

Marc Smith has a blog connected action which interests me because of many networking models

Bonnie Stewart has Theory.cribcronicles blog for thinking and pondering issues. She has another blog about private life and I know her children and husband. We met in CHANGE11 with the theme digital identity.

These are the (first) people I follow and I intend to use this afternoon by reading their posts and commenting them. If you don’t want to see your name here please let me know!

The first hangout is in the evening in my country and I’ll participate in it. What do our facilitators tell us about this week? Just found their blog  edcmoocteam It is fine that they blog as a team!

10 thoughts on “My favourite blogs #edcmooc wk 1

  1. thanks for perservering helli, and thanks for the mention! you have given me an idea for a new blog post, thanks!

  2. Hello Heli, I really liked this post because you took the time to show how other people on the course had made you think or helped your learning. In a course this size I think that is a really important; making connections & hearing individual stories I find to be so beneficial in learning. It can help you reflect and make sense of the vast amount of information and noise out there. PS – thank you for the kind mention!

  3. Thanks for the comments
    I already hesitated that this post is very childish but when Chris said that “I took the time to show how other people on the course had made me think and helped…” that sounds good.
    And Fran wrote a description about her lifestyle, it was interesting.
    Show must go on… and let’s enjoy

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  5. Hi Sandy and thanks for the link. I have found some interesting Digital Viking blogs today and you gave me another björn blog ( what is it in English? > bear)

  6. Thanks for inclusion on your list, I’m very honoured to be (a) listed, and (b) listed alongside other people I admire and respect.

    Good luck with week 2 … just trying to keep up with it all (and life!) is getting tough.

    All the best, David

  7. Thanks for the list ~ I am over-mooc-ed (with no one but myself to blame). Behind on blogging as well, but connecting more by commenting. This really helps. After starting that thread, I haven’t been in forum much, spoiled by distributed networks.

    Some familiar (good reminder to revisit) and some new. Michael Sean was in Change 11 too. I particularly enjoy his blog too for city, space and other geographic posts, an interest from lit research, always a delight when world intersect.

  8. Hi Vanessa,
    you gave a new concept again over-mooc-ed, that’s what we are. I took only edcmooc just now and it is enough, seems to work well. You are active in FB so I am glad that we are friends there. See you

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