My final digital artefact #edcmooc

This is the last Wednesday to post your artefact. I did it at the moment “Submission due on Wed 27 Feb 4:00 pm (11 hours, 19 minutes)”. I am tired and happy. My work seems like a child’s homework if I compare it to others, so I do not compare. If you check this vimeo in JuBo’s blog, you understand what I mean. I am at the very beginning of digital expression. I write and combine some photos of my one, but I am interested in metaphors and visualizations.

My theme is Empowering in virtual context and I use myself as a case. I have lived through this empowering process about twenty years, not easy but enjoyable. I am glad that I found edcmooc and I wanted to participate until the end. No doubt that many discussions continue after this course.

There is neither voice not music in my presentation and I do not dare to add them. I am afraid to break all down. There is a link to “We are the Vikings” in YouTube, which I found during this course. It makes me empowered, the idea of digital viking is great.

Identity empowered

6 thoughts on “My final digital artefact #edcmooc

  1. its ok helli i was able to load your prezi on the second try…i like it, its very intellectual, but has a personal angle that makes it easier for me to understand.

  2. Yes, Fran, it has a personal angle but I am not sure about the intellectual side .. my energy went to learning & training Prezi.

    Interesting to begin the peer grading, I checked the three I got and gave 1 to everyone but didn’t write yet. Have to think first..

  3. yeah me too…one assignment is completely irrelevant, one is just about new cars and the other one is …Im not sure! I will write a very good evaluation though…i will follow the marking guide

  4. Now i have got my grades from 3 students and they gave me 2, the maximum. I had good luck with my assessors! perhaps I should write a post about their comments as I did in Fantasy and science fiction course…

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