My final with images

I like to take photos and play with them.  I had a nice Sunday constructing my final work in Power Point slides beginning from photos and then writing some thoughts with my vocabulary. If someone can follow, I’ll be happy. Here it comes:


I have studied psychology more than educational or societal sciences and psychological knowledge is my focus. It should take more space in connectivism.. or should it? I have worked in adult education all my live (and it is long) and I have seen the problems people meet in this changing world. And I’ve met those problems myself.

In this “final with images” I tell about my thoughts and experiences more than our course. I cannot influence Stephen or George or Connectivism, but I can influence myself, so analysing myself makes sense. And a survey is coming about the whole course, I will take part in it.

Thanks to facilitators, this has been an adventure. I should have had more time to it but we will continue..?

  Edited 4.3. 2014 I published my final assignment via Slideshare, because it was missing.

4 thoughts on “My final with images

  1. Hi Heli! You write in the end of your final presentation – what to do next in practice, about …learning by dreaming. The topic of the 16th International Conference of the Association for Learning Technology in Manchester, 8-10 September 2009 is: “In dreams begins responsibility: choice, evidence and change”.

    You’ve really got your finger on the pulse of the global learning 🙂 For sure there’s incentive material in the whole of CCK08 for reflecting and getting inspired by for a long time ahead from now. It was really nice to get connected to you – through a Canadian university 🙂 Let’s keep interacting!

  2. Thanks for comment, Irmeli!

    I enjoyed my “learning by dreaming” but I didn’t know I am so up-to-date. A congress, vau!
    How about your parts 2-8? I am waiting 🙂

    Perhaps I continue this blog in an European project semi-virtual-campus conducted by JYväskylä, it deals with ITC laboratories..
    Lets’s keep interacting, I agree with you

  3. Hi Heli,
    I have read your paper, beautifully illustrated with photos, it’s wonderful.
    I like your learning by dreaming too! I have written one final paper on virtual flight, quite similar to that concept. So it’s wonderful to connect through such “dreams”.
    I am a big fans of psychology and I have kept on mentioning its importance throughout the course, in my blog and in the forum. I think there has been a greater awareness of the psychological impact on connections, at least from my perspective, as an experience out of CCK08.
    Many thanks for your sharing of great insights.
    Wishing you a Happy New Year.

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