My personal knowledge management?

I listened to Harold Jarche’s presentation “Personal Knowledge Management” in Learn Trends 2009 and I am wondering how I could follow my own ways to manage all knowledge flows. Another person who helps me is Lilia Efimova – and they are linked to each other I see.

Learning means to sort, categorize, make explicit, share, retrieve and so on. Learning is going all the time where you are. I like Lilia Efimova’s description about using ideas, conversations and relations for task solving – and continuous feedback via connections. Hand-made pictures convince me better than complicate Power Points with a hundred slides.

Jarche combines personal knowledge management with tools and devices we use nowadays – and this must be tried even it perhaps is mission impossible. When I follow interesting feeds I can’t know what I will find (sorting or categorizing or new ideas or nothing). Sense making is a complex phenomenom, you seldom know at once what you have got. Some connections between devices and knowledge management patterns are obvious: microblogging for spreading ideas and blogging for thinking, social networks for feedback and collaboration.

I love Jarche’s idea about web tools for critical thinking. I want to become a better information designer and processer, I want to participate in selfcorrective groups. Learn Trends is a Ning community worth of following, it’s great to find these communities. Lilia Efimova desribes teams and communities and learning in a charming way. I have a lot to learn in connections with Lilia and Harold…