My storehouse for CritLit2010

I have to keep things simple, that’s why I build up my storehouse for CritLit2010 into this blogpost. Here are the archives, Daily from this week and so on, more will come.

Blogs of

Jenny Mackness: Jenny Connected

SuiFai John Mak’s webblog critical literacies

Mike Bogle techticker blog

Linda Burns,  lindaleea Sail’s Pedagogy blog CritLit2010

New blog friends: Carlo Columba (I need a link… ) this can be better in long run

Ruth Howard from Tasmania Australia blog is here

Maria Fernanda Arenas from Argentina blog arenastudies

Alan Cooper Canada blog is here

John King Canada blog Just retired and still a student… so am I, too

Steve MacKenzie Leicester UK blog post Learnadoodledastic

Benjamin Stewart & Janet B. Collaborative Understandings

M C Morgan blog here professor in English

Matthias Melcher, Heidelberg, not a student in this course but wants to tell about truth

Jason Green blog here

Ruth Howard gathered all the blogs with Netvibes, fine! Take my admiration, Ruth.

I cannot read others’ profiles in Moodle. I took these addresses from Twitter, got new friends there and hashtag is working well. I took only blogs in English. Here is our Twitter search.

First Friday Meeting: Here you can find the slides of Grainne Conole – just had a lecture with echoes  in Open Meeting Auditorium room. The voice was mostly good but slides were jumping. This is a normal situation: technology takes almost all attention. Let’s play and enjoy! I was brave enough to participate, no need to talk, it was not allowed. I am happy. The meeting is 7 pm Finnish time, not too late.

Wednesday 9.6. Meeting Here is the web-page of Dave Snowden – waited in Open Meeting and saw two separate Stephens doing preparations for meeting – surrealistic – and I saw Dave – but voices went in and out and so  I decided to read the web page instead of waiting. Jenny gave an excellent link to Snowden’s lectures, this is something!

All recordings can be found here

3 thoughts on “My storehouse for CritLit2010

  1. Hi Heli,
    Great to learn your storehouse. I have been enjoying your posts, and am sure that we would all share wonderful learning together, with our “small world” within a global network. I couldn’t attend the Friday session as it was held at 3:00 am. Unless I have turned into a owl, otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to wake up at that time.
    May be waking up midnight could also be a critical literacy, LOL.
    So excited to keep up with our connections, you, Mike, Jenny, Linda and Carlo…

  2. Hi John,
    I thought on Friday that you must be sleeping – normally you participate 🙂
    I have learnt to put sticky notes to web pages in our Diigo group today, it was hard even simple. More accurate discussion there I hope..

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