Rhizo14 as a gathering place

Today I want to rest and handle only easy topics. I took the heading from Dave Cormier’s post MOOCs as a Gathering Place, where he tells about us. I compare my experiences with him by showing the situation around this blog. This is only a little part of the course, but I have noticed differences compared to other MOOCs. Google Analytics gives the information about visits, visitors and pageviews so easily that I like to check them almost every morning during a course. It is feedback. So continue if you are interested in my blog’s life 🙂

My blog changed its address in January just when rhizo14 began. So the numbers tell about rhizo students’ visits to this blog. These images or diagrams tell the situation in yesterday evening. The overall situation is 376 visits, 112 visitors and 784 pageviews. Visits came from twenty countries.

rhizo1202I live in Finland and visit most often, it is clear. The next country is UK, not USA as in all other MOOCs, which I have participated. In UK, England is of course the part from which visits came. In USA, the visits came from the East Coast and not from California which has always been the first.

rhizoUSAThis map of USA is different from earlier maps from my MOOCs and the number of visits is lower than those from UK.

rhizomaatThe order of the countries is interesting. This is a British course in my mind. Also in Egypt, active on the map, can be seen evidence of British education (Maha Bali has told openly about her background). Visits from UK are now 97 and will be over 100 tomorrow.

This is more European as my former courses. Netherlands is the first in the continent (thanks to Jaap) but all the old European countries are on the map. That is not usual. France is 10 today ( and 15 on the next day).

Australia and Canada have same numbers here, but I have a feeling that Australia will “win”, the blog has many new connection there. From Canada the British Columbia comes first. So I conclude that rhizo can be considered as an European and British course. We share English language and (Anglo-)  western culture in a global world.

EDIT 14.2. I was wrong about Australia vs. Canada, the latter has 22 visits today 🙂

The content which I have dealt with is community as curriculum.  Since yesterday my posts were visited in this order:

rhizopages‘The community as the curriculum’ is the post in which I gave my interpretation about the weird behavior of the facilitator. A dangerous topic is interesting. The post ‘Sense of virtual community’ is popular too. It was written in the beginning of the course, when people are still active. The time explains that numbers go down, the posts are not yet read. The post ‘real vs imagined community’ from yesterday is not on the list, because it is so new. The topics on the bottom are the old posts to which I linked, some people have opened them. (On the next day ‘real or imagined’ is the third and I don’t know why).

What still? Only 29% of my visitors are new. I have an opportunity to meet my old moocing friends  and it is great. I have no idea about the whole situation in the course. Dave told something (link above) and Mariana has tweeted about a network analysis. It seems that communication has been very Dave- centred. In my Google Analytics Prince Edward Island (where Dave lives) was on the map with some visits but it is not essential from my point of few. The Huma Bird project concludes that “What is most impressive (and unlike anything I’ve seen before) is that each hour features at least one #rhizo14 tweet since the course starts – which shows how international the course is – it doesn’t seem to sleep.”

Any comments? Mistakes in my interpretations?

EDIT 14.2. I came to add the tag rhizo14 (thanks to Matthias for reminding me about it) and I commented on some numbers above. They are changing every day.

4 thoughts on “Rhizo14 as a gathering place

  1. Most courses / chats / communities / conferences tend to focus on one account, just because they tend to shepherd and a little and so get retweeted a lot. Let me try later on without retweeting and see if it is different.

  2. Thanks for the quick comment!

    I thought the same : the situation is always that (teacher centered) in the beginning of a course.
    It would be very interesting to follow the changes.
    My information is very limited.

    • If I was retweeting from #rhizo14 I’d try to remember to remove the hash tag – it’s boring getting the same post in the hash tag (though I realise some may have missed it the first time). I think that the Daily roundup from CCK11 was one of the things that encouraged me to drop out – all those RTs, nothing new.

  3. I write here the numbers on 1st March:

    530 visits, 143 unique visitors, 1074 pageviews
    26% new visitors
    24 countries: UK 132, USA 45, Australia+Canada+Netherlands+France each 26

    so the difference between visits from UK and USA is even bigger than I mentioned in the post

    the post autoethnography which I wrote yesterday, has got many readers already and so the process continues …

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