My image to #edcmooc Flickr stream

I love the way how our course edcmooc is organized. We have very heavy texts to read and reassert our humanity, world shaking texts – and simultaneously we are asked to throw our images to Flickr: whatever we want, no rules or directives. So I went to Flickr after three years and it recognized me. It is very relaxing to look at photos, which co-learners put there. Here is mine:

I was walking on that snowy road and the question rose to my mind. We have very clear seasons in Finland and it has something to do with our minds. Just now we are waiting for a sunny day, I don’t remember when I have seen the sun, always cloudy.

My favorite film on third week is ‘They are made out of meat”. I really love it. Connected to lectures asking if we ever have been human, these are shaking my childish optimism. And one harm still: I am made out of meat but bones too. Yesterday I got a new medicine which cares the worn little bones in my neck and the medicine makes me feel very tired. But I have no time to be sick, I want to participate #edcmooc 🙂