Work smarter in your network

I have to write something positive after determining crowds to be stupid 🙂 I really had a nice experience when listening to On Line Educa Berlin again, the session Work Smarter in Networks. I knew the names of five speakers and now I could see how excellent their team working really is. Thanks to Paulo Simoes for tweeting the link.

They also write together a blog. You can see Harold Jarche and  Learn Trends Ning in the blogroll.

I learned that they have independent professions (as entrepreneurship) but their aim is to help organizations to become better, work smarter. They work in practice and write about the experiences. They are different people with same interests and they greatly appreciate each other. Five heads are better than one, easy to believe that. They trusted each other and enjoyed about working jointly. They were open, natural and not at all defensive. My time ran quickly when listening  the 1½ hour session.

I enjoyed the discussion, it was a great opportunity to reflect my experiences in web world. It takes time to sink in. Both books and web are important.The focus of development must be in working smarter than earlier. Dialog is the key, social sharing is necessary for developing.

Something I want to say differently: performance not learning is a wrong opposite, learning by doing is the answer. Experiential learning has same focus but gives the whole circle: reflect, conceptualize, action …

Pondering about virtual vs. personal is a well known topic but now many participants understood the benefits of virtual side. Introverts have advantage in virtual life, and there is more time for thinking. I enjoyed really.

What is the difference between crowds and teams/ networks? Why some networks work well or excellently? These five people did it, it is a combination of diversity, same direction of interests and appreciating each other. Sometimes it arouses in a second, sometimes never, part of it remains secret. But it is worth living, I know it through my experience.

My personal knowledge management?

I listened to Harold Jarche’s presentation “Personal Knowledge Management” in Learn Trends 2009 and I am wondering how I could follow my own ways to manage all knowledge flows. Another person who helps me is Lilia Efimova – and they are linked to each other I see.

Learning means to sort, categorize, make explicit, share, retrieve and so on. Learning is going all the time where you are. I like Lilia Efimova’s description about using ideas, conversations and relations for task solving – and continuous feedback via connections. Hand-made pictures convince me better than complicate Power Points with a hundred slides.

Jarche combines personal knowledge management with tools and devices we use nowadays – and this must be tried even it perhaps is mission impossible. When I follow interesting feeds I can’t know what I will find (sorting or categorizing or new ideas or nothing). Sense making is a complex phenomenom, you seldom know at once what you have got. Some connections between devices and knowledge management patterns are obvious: microblogging for spreading ideas and blogging for thinking, social networks for feedback and collaboration.

I love Jarche’s idea about web tools for critical thinking. I want to become a better information designer and processer, I want to participate in selfcorrective groups. Learn Trends is a Ning community worth of following, it’s great to find these communities. Lilia Efimova desribes teams and communities and learning in a charming way. I have a lot to learn in connections with Lilia and Harold…