Nomad, migrant, lurker, blogger or networker?

This time I’ll put myself on a web participation map by using some blog posts that have touched me. First I take a post of Wolfgang Greller. He considers himself as a veteran moocer, a migrant that comes again and again, and seems to enjoy the way he participates. He sees happy participants around him, a respectful community. Wolfgang’s blog got me to think that why I am not as happy as he. What is wrong in my attitudes or are my experiences (I am a veteran, too) so different that I have not-so-positive feelings.

The blog post that got me to write was Alan Cooper’s answer to Jenny Mackness’s blog post about a selfish blogger (a concept coming from Tony Bates week in Change11 course). Alan told that he follows moocs through others’ blogs for instance Jenny, and this touched me because I behave in the same way. I have no need to subscribe to courses, I want to be free and follow everything I want. So the concept Selfish Blogger interested me, it is just what I am (and Alan and Jenny). Perhaps “selfish” is not a good concept, independent could be better?

A blog is an own place to gather everything needed, wanted, for reflection and evaluation. Discussion around blog posts was considered by Tony, Alan and Jenny. Tony saw that discussions of Change11 happened in blogs (he was a facilitator during one week). Is this a problem, was Tony’s question. Or is it a normal way of participation in moocs. Alan thought that” postings in small isolated blogs can be integrated into larger discussions. And he wanted to go further to add that if we believe in open, networked learning then we should strive to make that integration as effective as possible. One step in the right direction is to integrate trackbacks into the comment stream.” That is something I can agree with.

Still one touching blog post: Dan Pontefract describes variability of possibilities to participate digitally. His diagram gives interesting concepts: Access to digital world is not clear in all countries, it is good to keep in mind. Collaborative Learner got me to remember “visitors and residents“, that description of David White (Oxford University) which I appreciate greatly.It helped me to understand my living in web, sometimes as a resident and sometimes as a visitor.

It is time ” to re-categorize the foolish Prensky and Tapscott terms of Net Generation, Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants into a classification that encompasses all ages and takes into account the realities of access and participation level” – thanks to Dan Ponterfract for this sentence.

Willing Participant sounds suitable for mooc participation, not because of technical problems but lack of time. Almost everyone tells that I should read more and think more and participate, but I have my work and family and other interests.

What have I learned by writing this post? I need new concepts for understanding behavior in digital worlds. Autonomy is not a peace of cake, it’s hard work in which you have to find yourself again and again. Thanks to the bloggers I mentioned – I used you all as my critical, narrative friends in my learning journey. See you again!