Some ideas for the year 2014

This is a test. I’ll try to find my aims for this year by writing about my expectations. How to participate in this international world? I’ve some circles of friends here and there and – after deciding not to participate in any course – I have noticed that many of my friends began the course “Rhizomatic Learning” run by Dave Cormier. I am a member of the FB group “Rhizo14” already and read enthusiastic writings by many people which I’ve met in previous courses. So, what to do? Perhaps I must get acquainted with the course programme and participate those weeks which are immersive enough. The real reason for participation are the people, anyway, I trust their capacity to interact with the co-learners. The spirit will be as fantastic as it was in edcmooc. So I follow people, not topics. It is a waste of time to ponder about my aims or interests, I’ll find them only by participating.

Other interesting programmes seem to be Community Manager Appreciation Day ( for community workers in Finland, 27th January. There seems to be English sites as well. They have video stream all the day.

LAK14 will be in 24-28.3. in Indiapolis USA. I hope that I can follow it on the internet. Learning Analytic conferences have been the best arenas for research presentations. There was a meeting around MOOC research  in Texas in November or December but while watching the presentations I had to conclude that very few were about research, only practice. The speakers were wondering why they were invited to the meeting.

Networked Learning is the theme of NLC2014, 7-9.4. in Edinburgh and I know that I can find interesting research there. Many of my friends have presentations there, Finnish people and people from the other side of the globe. The content has always been challenging and there are preliminary meetings in their web environment.

And I have to remember JISC and ALT and ELESIG webinars. Athabasca University offers open CIDER sessions and the Journal IRRODL. In Europe we have our own EURODL .

Now I have answered a question “with whom and in which networks I will participate” in the beginning of the year 2014. And I can follow my learning moments and share them with other participants. It is so simple, is it?

I try to find an image of winter here because I don’t like to show the aqueduct of Segovia two times so near to each other. We have got snow lately in Jyväskylä and cold times have begun. Let’s enjoy!