I am the platform

As I earlier said, my Personal Learning Environment is everywhere I go and participate. I am not interested in defining concepts or discussing about nuances. But I have to clarify my ways of working during PLENK2010. I have waited some wise ideas how to work, but found again my old ones. I must have a place, where I gather my connections: I need one blog post as a store or my nest. It is this one and I am my platform. PLENK helps me to learn during next weeks and I find everything via that link. No need to repeat its content.

My working habits

I do not read Daily, it is so long and only a list. I prefer larger entities, I go to Moodle and open the forums, want to see the threads. I have unsubscribed from forums because I don’t want to read separate messages. I do not read listed tweets, I can open Twitter search with our hashtag (is it a good joke we have two?). I scan or skim the Daily – wonderful new concepts: not learning but perception. Our thinking is becoming very thin, we are pancake people said somebody in our Moodle third week forum. I also scan the materials recommended by our facilitators and sometimes I save something to Diigo.

At this moment I recognize two sources helping my learning: Twitter is my Daily, could I say, it works better than the long list of everything. My meaningful source are the blogs of co-learners. Some names are permanently in my blogroll Following (Jenny Mackness, Eduardo Peirano, Sui Fai John Mak, Viplav Baxi etc) and some give RRS to my Google Reader (it has become too long and hard to follow).

Some favorites I list here so it is easier to check them during the course:

Alan Cooper blog a careful and honest thinker

Barbara Fillip blog I recognize something of myself here or did I imagine?

Chris Jobling blog – Fresh and crispy! I love the heading

Chris Saeger blog with a beautiful Plenk heading

Maria Fernanda Arenas blog – she participated CritLit

Lindsay Jordan blog – University of the Arts London

Sean Fitzgerald  blog -MOOC is like dining at a banquet (post 18.9.)

Martin Weller blog

Steve MacKenzie blog -CritLit

Steve Wheeler blog

Niklas Karlsson blog from Sweden

Linn Gustavsson blog from Sweden

John King blog – Just retired and still a student

Roland Legrand blog

Zaid Ali Alsagoff blog – animations, images, whatever

Jarmo Talvivaara blog

Mc Morgan blog

Mohsen Saadatmand blog – a researcher in Helsinki

Lisa Kidder – For the Love of Teaching blog

Susan O’Grady – blog

Vahid Masrour – from Ecuador, blog

Howard Johnson – I should have noticed this man in 2008, blog

Carmen Tschofen – I noticed this woman in 2008 and now I follow her blog

Jim Stauffer from Canada – blog (160 km west of Yellowknife, Northwest Territories.  Latitude 63 degrees north)

Steve LeBlanc blog

Eva Birger blog Tel Aviv, blogging in English und auf deutsch


My heading I am the platform tells about my attitude, not my technological skills. Persona, personality, identity, human being with personal history – this is my perspective to participating, learning and developing. How knowledge creation happens in me, it is the question. I see people as knowledge creators and I want to trust them, have a hunch of their quality. I can search information in Google and Wikipedia but I cannot trust all sources.

My storehouse for CritLit2010

I have to keep things simple, that’s why I build up my storehouse for CritLit2010 into this blogpost. Here are the archives, Daily from this week and so on, more will come.

Blogs of

Jenny Mackness: Jenny Connected

SuiFai John Mak’s webblog critical literacies

Mike Bogle techticker blog

Linda Burns,  lindaleea Sail’s Pedagogy blog CritLit2010

New blog friends: Carlo Columba (I need a link… ) this can be better in long run

Ruth Howard from Tasmania Australia blog is here

Maria Fernanda Arenas from Argentina blog arenastudies

Alan Cooper Canada blog is here

John King Canada blog Just retired and still a student… so am I, too

Steve MacKenzie Leicester UK blog post Learnadoodledastic

Benjamin Stewart & Janet B. Collaborative Understandings

M C Morgan blog here professor in English

Matthias Melcher, Heidelberg, not a student in this course but wants to tell about truth

Jason Green blog here

Ruth Howard gathered all the blogs with Netvibes, fine! Take my admiration, Ruth.

I cannot read others’ profiles in Moodle. I took these addresses from Twitter, got new friends there and hashtag is working well. I took only blogs in English. Here is our Twitter search.

First Friday Meeting: Here you can find the slides of Grainne Conole – just had a lecture with echoes  in Open Meeting Auditorium room. The voice was mostly good but slides were jumping. This is a normal situation: technology takes almost all attention. Let’s play and enjoy! I was brave enough to participate, no need to talk, it was not allowed. I am happy. The meeting is 7 pm Finnish time, not too late.

Wednesday 9.6. Meeting Here is the web-page of Dave Snowden – waited in Open Meeting and saw two separate Stephens doing preparations for meeting – surrealistic – and I saw Dave – but voices went in and out and so  I decided to read the web page instead of waiting. Jenny gave an excellent link to Snowden’s lectures, this is something!

All recordings can be found here