Technology has no meaning

I found the heading to this post while listening to Larry Johnson. He spoke in Online Educa Berlin 2010. I enjoyed “Fri 03 Dec Academic Plenary” where Larry Johnson was the first speaker. Technology changes but human passion matters – could be a summary about his presentation.

Often I have a feeling here (internet, web, online, in open studies) that I should run faster in order to understand the last tools, devices or what ever they are called. Larry Johnson showed me that I can relax and enjoy – it is important to know my passion (which is not technology). The network is us + The network is everywhere – these were his other focuses. OK I should learn to use my mobile better.. it is a necessary tool of networking.

Also two other speeches were interesting. Aaron Wassermann showed how to study via mobile. That makes sense, I can agree easily. Josie Fraser from Leicester contributed with a theme Digital literacy and learning communities supporting 21st century learners. First she presented facts about the situation and development in different age groups.  Then she described three modes of literacy:

  • functional: cognitive and practical skills
  • sociocultural : we are here together
  • transformational: new thinking and new social and …

We need tools, thinking and social engagement. She gave a vision to action: developing skills, competences, confidences and so on. It is something I did in my former post. Listening to Josie Fraser added my confidence that my way is right – and so did Alan Cooper by commenting my post.

I recommend the presentations of Online Educa Berlin, the link is in the first chapter.

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