Thanks for the Hangout #edcmooc facilitators

It is Friday evening at 8 pm but I have to post my printscreen photo from our first hangout. It was great to participate!

Hamish is my favorite facilitator, he has so handsome grey beard. I am perhaps older myself , I retired 2010 – so I have to privilege to assess male beards 🙂

Seriously said: it was a nice hangout, I liked the atmosphere, there was much laughing and enjoying etc.

Next time you will be more relaxed and not worried about the content. Just come to meet us, look at the camera and sit still as Jen said but she could not help moving. Thanks, now we know you facilitators better and we have a feeling of belonging to edcmooc community. See you!

I followed the twitter stream but could not write on hangout stream without breaking the stream. I cannot be in every place simultaneously I suppose. Tired and happy is my condition now 🙂

EDIT 3.2.2013

It is Sunday morning now and I have to comment this post myself. I listened the recording without the chat streams and I noticed that our facilitators were very relaxed and there was no hurry with the content.

It was a projection of my own mind to blame them – I was so busy following the chats and listening simultaneously, I was in a state of excitement myself. It was so strong feeling of presence and I became activated – could not sleep for a long time after the hangout. A Mooc is an opportunity to reflect oneself and learn new…

5 thoughts on “Thanks for the Hangout #edcmooc facilitators

  1. heli for the next hangout you might want to try watching from within google plus…if you have a gmail account you just create a profile for g+….anyway it showed the audio and video of the hangout and had a nice little chat screen like twitter where you could post comments…a lot easier than twitter….or you could try tweet chat…you can slow the twitter stream down if you want to.
    digital viking fran…you’re right, its a nice concept

  2. Thanks Fran, that’s just the help I need. I was confused and did not know where I was, but I was happy that I could follow the hangout in real time. How about you, you must be sleeping when Finland is in 7pm?
    I began from the announcement page and I had to click watch in youtube in order to see and here. By that click I moved into Hangout, I suppose, but could not chat there without stopping the stream – I tried and came soon back because I wanted to follow the stream in real time. If you click on my image you can see a greenhaired avatar up in the chat row, it is me!

    I had Twitter open in another window and jumped back and forth, it worked because the voice did not break.

    I have gaps in my G+ understanding, I don’t know how to use it. I searched edcmooc there and took it as a friend, not wise I suppose. How could I follow edcmooc there and go there before the next hangout???
    I am not sure if u can follow my thoughts, smile at my skills, yeah?

  3. hey heli i thought g+ was hard at first but once you join a community you will get the hang of it really quickly…i added you to my circles on it just then…go to communities , down the left side of the page or put in the search box> e-learning and digital cultures mooc and join it

    g+ is a bit like twitter and facebook together, whenever i ask a question of the community i get an answer really quickly, …thats how i found out about watching the hangout within g+

    you are right, the hangout was 4am my time, i set the alarm for 3.30 am but i didnt have to, I could have watched it later! but it was fun
    no im not smiling at your skills, you probably know more than I do but i enjoy your sense of humour:)

  4. hey heli, i see that you have already joined the e-learning and digital cultures mooc community…
    what I do is post links to that community or blog posts, etc, then whoever replies i add to a circle i created called mooc.
    after the mooc is over in feb the community might not be there anymore, but you will have lots of people in your mooc circle:)
    the elearning and digital cultures community is great for answering any questions I have found…

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