The final assignment

Here is a copy of what is asked to write at the end of CCK08:

“Your final presentation can be handled in a variety of formats: podcast, slidecast, Articulate presentation, video recording, Second Life presentation, or, if your feeling creative, an approach of your choosing. The final project should answer questions such as: What is the quality of my learning networks: diversity, depth, how connected am I? How has this course influence my view of the process of learning? What types of questions are still outstanding? How can you incorporate connectivist principles in your design and delivery of learning?”

Do I agree with this assigment? Perhaps. My first thought was to follow some of my cources (is there any connectivism) but I believe it’s more useful to follow myself, it is harder to change myself and my networks.

Quality of my networks: diversity, depth, how connected I am? Excellent question, can I see any development ? A  year ago I began a blog which aimed to network online teachers in Finland. Now I have a community around it, most with weak ties. Anyway, I have seen that network matters, it is necessary. We can support and motivate each other.. development is so slow that if you are alone you can’t always believe in it.

During CCK08 I have seen all this happen in a global level and I have enjoyed it. Affordances have been open but often neglected when I have been very busy in my work, I couldn’t change the situtation. And I am shy, I am not a talkative person even in using my mother tongue and this is my first blog in English. I know i cannot network globally in Finnish 😉 All happenings have taught me. I have enjoyed following this large open online course, social expectations and reactions. Very much depends on expectations: if you come to compete and show your own compentences , you can only get something inside these boundaries. If you come to learn with others and from others, so you get it.

I found many new interesting blogs every time I was seeking for .. and if I had given comments to others i had got more, but I have got enough for sense making or meaning making ( in my blogging).

Perhaps I plan a slideshare with photos or other pictures. I admire Irmeli´s presentation and Keith’s photo about this course. Photos speak: the bridge in fog is my favorite.

The quality of my networks is an open question even to myself. I cannot live without networks but very few people are near me or deeply meaningful in my life and my development. If i were more open myself, could I have more deep connections? I don’t know. The quantity is no answer, it’s quality that matters.

Some day I’ll continue to last 2 questions and all new ones that arise when writing these last blog posts in this course.

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  2. Hello Heli

    Thanks for visiting my blog and taking the time to comment. I must say I am full of admiration for you and others on this course who have followed it and made connections in a language which is not your own. I have found the course very hard to keep up with even in my own language!

    I agree about photos. I take lots of photos and usually post them to my blog, but it does make the whole porcess longer, so this time I have just concentrated on making sure I have blogged every week even if I haven’t had a lot to say. Sometimes I think I have nothing to say and then when I start writing it all becomes clearer. Not good for my readers, but good for me!

    I have never been to Finland but my husband has. He has very fond memories of naked saunas, beating each other with birch twigs and rushing into an ice cold lake! I hasten to add that this was in his younger more impressionable days! Anyhow he always speaks of Finland with the sound of wonder in his voice! Your photo shows it to be a wonderful place.

    Nice to ‘talk’ to you.


  3. I enjoy your approach Heli, I find the visual imagery you have used stimulates my thinking. It is a method I think I will add to my blog. I think it is easy to lose this focus in such a course as CCK08. I am reminded that the methodology i have chosen to inform my own studies (Actor-network theory) is a humble one where what is local, what is networked, can always be otherwise and that because of this research findings and applications may not travel well, or as presupposed.

  4. And I enjoy your approach, ailsa, I’ve visited your blog very often but I am a slow writer (in English) and comments are lacking still.
    But I’ll follow you after CCK08 I am sure – and the same to Jenny.Thanks to you, now it is nice to begin this Thursday

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