Transhumanism: knowledge and practice #edcmooc

I cannot stop enjoying the creative digital artefacts which students on ELearning and Digital Cultures have created. There are no limits in human minds when the atmosphere is supportive and curious to new things. You can see numerous fantastic artefacts here.

I present this time one assignment which offers much knowledge, many excellent sources about transhumanism. It is a TingLink made by Ligia Toutain, Transhuman Technology and Disablity.  There is a lot to read and listen, transhumanist music too, a place to come back again and again.

Humanity’s potential is still mostly realized, I have understood during these edcmooc studies. I want to link another artefact, which gives life to transahumanistic ideas. It is made by Luis Poza Garcia and could be our mascot. I fell in love with that lovely robot and should like to discuss more with him.. or her?


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  1. heli i just listened to your voicethread….your english is fine! i could understand you perfectly! you are very fluent i think…dont worry so much!

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