We got more than a course in edcmooc

This time I want enjoy and share my happy feelings around the edcmooc course. The heading is taken from a YouTube video, which JinShenHuang has implemented as her digital artefact. I think that her message completes my conceptual writings about our course. Peer to peer learning and sharing is the point, and it is well conveyed using visualising and short sentences. Jin’s video goes from heart to heart, thanks. And thanks to our technical miracle Andy Mitchell, who tweeted that source (and many others). I’ll embed the video to the end of this post.

My second thanks goes to Ping LW from New Zealand, who shares her image (from our Flickr competition) with Creative Commons, so I could choose her image to be the header of this blog.
The next two weeks we will be enjoying images and digital artefacts in edcmooc. Not bad at all 🙂